Golden New-York

Acrylique sur Toile (100x65x2 cm)

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New-York, de nuit se pare d’or: elle représente les premiers espoirs et les rêves des immigrants du siècle dernier qui pensaient que la ville était « pavée d’or ».
NY brille de mille feux: ici le tableau est presque abstrait, je veux mettre en avant le rêve plutôt que la réalité. Les coups de pinceau sont imprécis, on sent une atmosphère plus qu’on ne la voit;
Les lumières sont très présentes mais les couleurs douces estompent ce qui pourrait donner un effet violent.
Une cire dorée donne un aspect lumineux sur certaines parties.

Painting: Acrylic, Wax on Canvas.

Painting from photographs without being on the spot has giving me the opportunity to re-create the city, not being focused on the reality. It has given me the power to shape the city as I wanted it to be; according to my wish. To go beyond reality and to work freely on the topic.

Golden New-York: at night; blue-night and black colours soften by light colours (soft pink, gold, ad blue)
A golden wax added to some parts gives the gold effect
Protected by a varnish
City of dreams and of hopes: the immigrants of the 19th Century thought that the streets of the city were paved with gold. The city is the first door to the USA and as said the song: « If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere »

Diptych made of two canvas fixed between them by a device at the back of the canvas. The device will be partly remove to send the painting by mail. It will be used again or not if the collector wants to make the two paintings together or separated.