Acrylique sur Toile (50x73x2,5 cm)/vendu/sold

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La vie est une comédie musicale!
Si tu n’aimes pas ta vie, rêve là!
c’est ce que je fais avec cette série New-Yorkaise: je ré-invente une ville qui existe, je la change, la modifie,
Je lui mets des habits de lumière, je lui donne des couleurs: cette ville qui a servi comme support à ma peinture s’est transformée en spectacle, en comédie musicale!

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Musicals; life is a musical!
In the NEW-York series, I’ve painted the city from photographs from @cinarthus24 (Instagram) with his full authorization.
Painting from photographs without being on the spot has giving me the opportunity to re-create the city, not being focused on the reality. It has given me the power to shape the city as I wanted it to be; according to my wish. To go beyond reality and to work freely on the topic.

The « Musicals » painting wants to tell you that when you’re not happy with your life, make it better, dream it better.
It’s what I’m doing when I’m painting New-York, my inspiration from this city comes from the fact that I see it through the lenses of a movie camera!
I do not see NY, I life it, I create it, I imagine it.
This is not the real NY but the one I want to see,
the world I want to see! Full of lights, of music: a Broadway musical!
Acrylic painting
ready to hang on a wall
dated, signed and protected by acrylic varnish
no need to frame

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