New-York street

Acrylique sur Toile (60x60x2 cm)

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Vue d’une rue de New-York d’un pont d’une voie de métro désaffectée
J’ai choisi cette vue à cause de la lumière qui joue avec les ombres.
Les couleurs sont fortes, le contraste entre les ombres et la lumière est décidément vif .
Les touches de peinture se font dans la matière: presque sans eau.

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

New-York street: High line (subway station) View from a bridge.On a sunny day. Light and shadows are playing together.

In the NEW-York series, I’ve painted the city from photographs from @cinarthus24 (Instagram) with his full authorization.
Painting from photographs without being on the spot has giving me the opportunity to re-create the city, not being focused on the reality. It has given me the power to shape the city as I wanted it to be; according to my wish. To go beyond reality and to work freely on the topic.

canvas on wooden frame
Protected by acrylic varnish
ready to hang on a wall
dated, signed and delivered with certificate of authenticity and bill